About Nancy Aiello Tours

Nancy Aiello Tours is a custom Italy tour planning company that provides private guided tours of Rome, Vatican, Florence, Venice and Italy hidden gems for the demanding value conscious travelers and Italy first timers alike.

Nancy Aiello Tours takes great pride in providing a wide range of Italy travel services, offering guests and families with children the opportunity to combine private walking tours and limo tours with Italian culinary tours and Rome cooking classes, shopping and Italy museum tours with private licensed tour guides. “Tourism has to be creative by understanding the needs of the travelers.” I personally believe creative tourism should supplement cultural tourism. For parents and children the mix of sightseeing, child friendly involvement and activities makes every moment of their vacation special and something to remember.

A memorable journey to Italy must go beyond just sightseeing. Our Rome, Vatican, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii Venice and Tuscany private tours are particularly focused on cultural exposure and people-to-people interactions. The depth of your experience is greatly enhanced through our exclusive culturally enriching experiences.

Let us know how we can assist you in making your next Italy family vacation an unforgettable memory of a lifetime.


Nancy Aiello

Founder of Nancy Aiello Tours