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Rome is an open air museum but it also the world’s largest uncovered museum. A large part of Rome’s history lies underground and from May 28 to June 6 Rome opens its most inaccessible treasures for the second edition of “Hidden Rome”.

If you’re planning to be in Rome between the end of May and June 6th you’ll want to start checking the lengthy list of archaeological sites and monuments that are going to be open to the public for 10 days as part of the Roma Nascosta 2010 or Hidden Rome. Rome visitors will be able to discover a world of ancient treasures beneath their feet and visit over 40 underground marvels rarely accessible to the public.

Among the sites that can be visited during this extraordinary cultural event are the Ludus Magnus, the largest of the gladiatorial schools in Rome built by the emperor Domitian and discovered in 1937, the 2,000-year-old underground aqueduct of the Acqua Virgo, still used today to bring water to the Baroque stone fantasy of the Trevi Fountain, the frescoed 2nd C. Temple of Mithras beneath the 17th C. Palazzo Barberini, the auditorium of Maecenas sited on the Esquiline Hill, the Theatre of Marcellus, the Houses of San Paolo alla Regola, the hall beneath San Martino ai Monti, the underground passages of the Catacombs of Priscilla, the foundations of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran, and many more. For the complete list and details visit 060608.it and be aware that for most sites and monuments numbers are limited and you’ll need to make reservations.

Whether you’re a life-long Rome resident looking to explore a few of those hard-to-visit sites or a Rome first-timer who wants to have an extraordinary experience, this is going to be a great opportunity to explore Rome’s hidden treasures and a life time opportunity for families visiting Rome with children to let your kids learn first hand the history of the Eternal City of Rome.

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