Roman Forum and Capitoline Hill

Tour Rome at your own pace!

The city of Rome is the largest archaeological site in the world. When in Rome do not miss what was once the heart of the world’s greatest empire.

When in Rome turn yourself into ancient Rome times visiting the 2000 years majestic symbol of the Eternal City, the Coliseum. In Rome there is a saying “if the Coliseum stands, Rome stands, if Rome stands the whole world stands”.

As you walk by the Arch of Constantine the Great into Imperial Rome you live the parades of Roman generals when they returned home as triumphant conquerors. Enter the nearby Roman Forum, centre of life in imperial Rome and let your imagination dwell on Cicero, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Imperial Rome Walking Rome Tour

Tour Rome at your own pace!

Conclude your journey through the centuries in the enchanting scenario of the Capitoline Hill political and religious center of ancient Rome, today surrounded by the marvelous piazza designed by Michelangelo, sipping an espresso and enjoying the sunset on the Eternal City in the wonderful Caffarelli Terrace with its stunning view over the Roman Forum!

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