Ivo a Trastevere: Tasty Pizza Roman Style

Ivo a Trastevere: Tasty Pizza Roman Style

Italy is a paradise for wine and food lovers and visiting Rome means eating pizza! When in Rome don’t miss the opportunity to sample the classic, wafer-thin, crispy Roman pizza in one the countless pizzerias scattered around the Eternal City. Eating pizza in Rome is not expensive, is tasty and it’s fun! Don’t forget that most pizzeria are only open for dinner and usually do not accept credit cards. So where’s the best pizza restaurant in Rome? This is ItalyTravelista’s list for pizza lovers in Rome.


Located close to Piazza del Popolo Il buchetto is a very small, always crowded pizzeria where you can enjoy a crispy, low-crust real Roman pizza. The menu offer more than 20 toppings in regular or giant sizes. Suggest to try the ciriola bun bruschetta.


This is an upscale restaurant just off Piazza Cavour serving delicious seafood and excellent chianina beef but Cesare serves also oversized roman style tasty pizza cooked in the traditional wood fire oven. Just last week I had a huge bruschetta with porcini mushrooms that was pure heaven!

Da Cesare | The best crostino with porcini mushrooms

Da Cesare | The best crostino with porcini mushrooms


In the Prati neighborhood, La Pratolina is one of the best pizzeria, keeping everybody well fed and happy. Here the Pizza, called Pinsa and a bit ticker than the original Roman pizza, is cooked to perfection with generous toppings. The list of sweets is endless and the caramel mousse is an excellent way to finish your meal. The downside is reservation is mandatory!

PANATTONI or I MARMI or OBITORIO | Viale Trastevere 53/59

Panattoni or I Marmi or l’Obitorio (known by Romans as The Morgue because of its stoney marble tables) serves one of the best if not the best pizza in Rome, wafer-thin, crispy, deliciously topped, just buonissima! Don’t miss the supplì, probably the best in Rome, and the tasty beans all’uccelletto. Beside being very good l’ Obitorio is one of the best places in Rome for people watching. My favorite pizza here is mozzarella, zucchini flowers and sausage.

GIACOMELLI | Via Faà di Bruno 25

Beside the excellent pizza Giacomelli is located not so far from the Vatican Museums and it’s open for lunch. The thin, crispy Roman pizza is served in three sizes and the pizza are generously topped. Try the classic mushroom and sausage, it’s delicious.


Bir & Fud, meaning beer and food, tucked behind Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere is a highly innovative pizzeria offering very good pizza, calzoni and supplì but also creative dishes like fried calamari, mozzarella in carrozza with mortadella, and so on. I’ve been slightly disappointed lately by some of the innovative dishes but still one of best pizza this side of Tiber river.

IVO a TRASTEVERE | Via San Francesco a Ripa 158

One of my favorite pizza restaurants in the Trastevere lively quarter. Service is excellent, there’s a wide range of well prepared dishes to choose from including tasty thin-crust pizza, outstanding crostini & good traditional Roman style pasta . Nice outdoor setting. Credit cards accepted.


A magnet for locals and foreigners, this tasty and crowded pizzeria just a short walk from Navona square serves no frills pizza in a very casual atmosphere. Try the tomato bruschetta and the light supplì. Service is quick and friendly.

PALLOTTA | Piazzale di Ponte Milvio 22

Pallotta is located in the area around Ponte Milvio, north of the city centre and has been serving traditional Roman dishes since 1830. This place is always crowded with noisy locals, the food is not exceptional but the pizza is well-made with generous toppings. To finish off the meal in true Roman style, try the regional desserts. A great place to enjoy Rome! Credit cards accepted.


Roma Sparita means “vanished Rome” and implies that you’ll find here what has disappeared elsewhere in central Rome. Set in Trastevere in the Medieval Piazza Santa Cecilia, this is a lovely place to taste delicious pizza and Roman traditional fares coupled with an outstanding setting.

What’s your favorite pizza in Rome? Please write us your comment and we will be happy to post it! Buon Appetito!

Ciao from Rome:-)

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All We Need is Pizza! Are You Sure You Want to Spend your Roman Holidays queuing?

All We Need is Pizza! Are You Sure You Want to Spend your Roman Holidays queuing?