Explore Rome, the Eternal City after dark! Rome lovers think Rome is most beautiful at night when its ancient Rome landmarks, St. Peter’s Square and Rome’s magnificent renaissance squares and baroque fountains designed by Bernini and Michelangelo are illuminated in all their glory! Beside it’s another thing to do in Rome for FREE! ItalyTravelista has three walking Rome tours to suggest where parents and children alike can enjoy the charme and elegance of Rome at night at their own pace!

Tour Ancient Rome by Night

Start off your illuminated Rome tour at Piazza Venezia Square to enjoy the Vittoriano Monument and ask your kids whether the huge white monument looks more like a “Wedding Cake” or a “Typewriter”! Then proceed along Via dei Fori Imperiali where on your left is Trajan’s Column and on your side the ancient Roman Forum. In the background rises the majestic Coliseum and to its right the Constantine’s Arch built in 315 AD. Turn right and take Via di San Gregorio until you reach Via dei Cerchi. Turn right and on your left you will see the Circus Maximus where the famous chariot races depicted in the Ben Hur movie took place while on your right rises the magnificent Imperial Rome palaces of the Palatine Hill. Walk the length of the Circus Maximus and turn right onto Via di San Gregorio. On your left stands the Arch of Janus built around 356 AD by Constantius II just next to the beautiful medieval Church of St. George al Velabro and further ahead on your right take a peek at the unusual circular 6th century Church of San Teodoro. Follow around until you reach Piazza della Consolazione. Take the stairs leading up to the Capitoline Hill but before you actually reach Michelangelo’s square stop for the most stunning view over the illuminated Roman Forum!

Nancy Aiello Rome Tours

Tour Christian Rome by Night

Begin your pleasant walk at Piazza Farnese square to enjoy the Farnese Palace lit up and wonder about the great artists of the Renaissance like Michelangelo and Della Porta who worked on this magnificent Renaissance palace now home to the French Embassy. Walk through Campo dè Fiori square lined these days with bars and restaurants but where on Feb. 17, 1600 Giordano Bruno was burnt for heresy onto Piazza della Cancelleria to admire the beautiful Palazzo della Cancelleria, the first palazzo in Rome built from the ground up in the new Renaissance style, and then across the main street to Piazza Navona the most baroque square in Rome. Cross the Tiber river on the Ponte Sant’ Angelo and look at the marvelous Saint’ Angel’s Castle. The highlight and end of your night walking Rome tour will be the breathtaking view of the illuminated St. Peter’s Basilica.

Tour Renaissance and Baroque Rome by Night

Your enjoyable walk starts at the charming Piazza del Popolo square designed by Valadier in the 17th century reminiscent of Bernini’s plan for St. Peter’s Square. Pass the two baroque twin churches and stroll down the antique dealer street of Via del Babuino (the Baboon) for a few blocks and then take a left onto the fascinating Via Margutta, home to several artists including the famous Italian director Federico Fellini. At the end of Via Margutta you reach the Spanish Steps. From Via due Macelli go down Via del Tritone and follow signs on your left for the most beautiful baroque fountain in Rome: the Trevi Fountain.

Nancy Aiello Rome Tours

When visiting Rome do tour Rome by night! Pretty much all of the major attractions that you see in Rome during the day are lit up at night. And yes, definitely worth seeing again, and again.

Ciao from Rome 🙂

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Castel Sant'Angelo bridge | St. Angel's Castle