Walking Rome Tour | Enjoy the Baroque Trevi Fountain

Walking Rome Tour | Enjoy the Baroque Trevi Fountain

The Colosseum is the most visited attraction in Rome after St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, but according to the feedbacks we collected from our guests Trevi Fountain is perhaps the most loved landmark in Rome and due to its enduring appeal this baroque fountain is probably the most photographed monument in Rome.

Designed by Nicola Salvini in 1732, the Trevi Fountain is one of the last Roman baroque treasures built in Rome. This is the place where Fellini directed Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita movie as she frolicked in the water inviting Marcello Mastroianni “Marcello, come here”.

And the Fontana di Trevi still casts its spell on visitors today, not least because of the legend that says that by turning your back on the baroque monument and throwing a coin over your shoulder you are sure to return to Rome one day. Thanks to this legend Rome’s Major cashes Euro 600,000 every year, and the money is used to support needy projects around Rome.

The Trevi Fountain is right in the heart of the Eternal City of Rome and the area is packed with quintessentially Roman sights. Wander around the area and you’ll see that there is at least a church in every square making a religious theme tour an interesting prospect.

Being such a popular spot with an endless stream of tourists and visitors it is very common in the Trevi Fountain area to end up paying an exorbitant price for drinks and frozen food presented as it was fresh. So should visitors avoid this area? Absolutely NOT, just read ItalyTravelista list of tourist-friendly Bars and Restaurants in/around the Trevi Fountain and enjoy real Italian food by one of the most stunning baroque fountains in all of Rome.



Only a few steps from the Trevi Fountain, located in a typical Rome’s narrow alley, Le Tamerici is an excellent choice for a nice lunch or a romantic dinner. I personally enjoy the great selection of appetizers and the good wine list combined with a very efficient service. Few outdoor tables available.

Price Euro 50 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Overall Rating 52 | Closed Sundays

Vineria Il Chianti

Il Chianti is a very nice wine bar, restaurant and pizzeria just off Trevi Square. Owned by the same company running Le Tamerici, Il Chianti is a modern version of the traditional trattoria, service is courteous and the bill is fair. Nice outdoor tables.

Price Euro 25 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Overall N/A | Closed Sundays

Vineria il Chianti by the Trevi Fountain | Tasty Italian Appetizers

Vineria il Chianti by the Trevi Fountain | Tasty Italian Appetizers

Piccolo Arancio | Vicolo Scanderbeg 112

This tiny, charming trattoria only a few blocks from the Trevi Fountain in an almost hidden alleyway offers authentic Italian food at very reasonable prices. Plenty of regulars come here for the excellent fritters, the farfalle and fusilli pasta dishes and delicious dessert like the lemon mousse. Few outdoor tables available.

Price Euro 30 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Overall Rating N/A | Closed Mondays

Ristorante Al Presidente

Once a rustic trattoria Al Presidente is today a stylish restaurant serving well prepared roman traditional food and excellent seafood. Dinner here would cost around Euro 60 but you can take advantage of the excellent value for money lunch, every day except for Sundays, with a choice of a self service buffet plus two dishes and a pasta from the kitchen.

Buffet Price Euro 32 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Overall Rating 79 | Closed Mondays

Ristorante Nino | Via Borgognona 11

Just a couple of blocks from the Spanish Steps and not far from the Trevi Fountain Nino is a great place for tasting the best traditional food from Tuscany. Here you will love the atmosphere and elegance of a Bygone Era and the food and the wine and the service! One of my faves restaurants in Rome.

Price Euro 55 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Overall Rating 70 | Closed Sundays

Spaghetteria L’Archetto | Via dell’Archetto 26

A few blocks away from the Trevi Fountain L’Archetto spaghetti house offers pasta dressed with over 120 kind of different of pasta sauces. Here you’ll also find pizza and traditional well prepared Italian dishes. Prices are reasonable, outside seating available and it is always open in summer.

Price Euro 25 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Overall Rating N/A | Closed Never

Enoteca Regionale Palatium | Authentic Roman Food & Wine

Enoteca Regionale Palatium | Authentic Roman Food & Wine

Enoteca Regionale Palatium

This delicious wine bar, just a short walk from the Trevi Fountain offers Rome’ specialties. Taste the food, try the wines, do the sum and you’ll agree this place offers excellent value for money.

Price Euro 30 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 2 Bottles | Closed Sundays

Museo Atelier Canova Tadolini

This attractive establishment, once the workshop of Canova’s favorite pupils, has been transformed in a museum and hosts an elegant bar. Open for breakfast, lunch and pre-dinner cold platters, salads and sandwiches are very fresh and service is always smiling and professional.

Price Euro 25 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 2 Bottles | Closed Never

Galleria Alberto Sordi

Just a short walk from the Fontana di Trevi you’ll find this historical Art-Deco’ gem recently fully renovated, that offers everything from design shops to bar via a bookstore and a very nice restaurant. Espresso here is very good.

Join the locals in this roman-style mall open from 11 AM to 11 PM.

Il Palazzetto

Il Palazzetto wine bar and restaurant offer an incredible location in the heart of Rome with its terrace overlooking the Spanish Steps. Dinner could easily top E100 per person but at lunch, although not cheap, you’re unlikely to regret a single penny of your bill. Very tasty salads, sandwiches pasta and pastries are served on the terrific terrace!

Lunch Price Euro 35 | Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 76 | Closed Mondays

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Another Coin Another Picture | Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi

Another Coin Another Picture | Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi