Summer in Rome: Get your Grattachecca!

Summer in Rome: Get your Grattachecca!

When in Rome the best way to beat the heat is to enjoy a colorful and refreshing grattachecca. Romans know that one of the best remedies against the August heat is a tasty grattachecca. It is a blend of hand shaven ice and fruit syrup. The name derives from the combination of  “grattare” to crush and “checca”, a roman dialect word which once was used to identify the big ice block used to keep the food cool before refrigerator was invented.  It is a great way to cool down if you are walking all over the city while being hot and humid. While walking the streets of Rome spoil yourself with a grattachecca and soak up the lively Roman atmosphere.

Summer in Rome: Beat the Heat with a Refreshing Grattachecca!

As for gelato ice creams for your grattachecca you and your kids can choose different fruity flavors such as lemon, coconut, watermelon and even passion fruit, and often you will also have a piece or two of the actual fruit thrown in, so this is a great way of staying hydrated during your roman holidays.

Today I had Lime and Orange cross the Tiber Island!

Today I had Lime and Orange cross the Tiber Island!

Very few stalls in Rome still prepare grattachecca today, following the traditional method, among them the oldest and most famous is the Fonte d’Oro in Trastevere (Piazza Belli), is very convenient when you are done with the Basilica of St. Mary in Trastevere and the popular Trastevere quarter! Not far from there in front of Ponte Cestio is the Sora Mirella (Lungotevere degli Anguillara) which has shaved the ice manually since 1915 and from where you will enjoy the magnificent Tiber Island! There are also Sora Maria (Via Trionfale), La Grattachecca just across the famous Milvio Bridge, and Il Chiosco in the popular Testaccio quarter.

Another Busy Day at Sora Mirella!

Another Busy Day at Sora Mirella!

According to Wikipedia ( the history of the grattachecca is said to be dated back to Ancient Roman times by the emperor Quintus Fabius Maximus which would go to mount Terminillo, which is about 100 kilometers from the capital, in the Apennines and brought back ice from there. Quintus Fabius Maximus wanted this ice to be flavored with sweet syrups and sold by the thermopolia, which were ancient kiosks that sold both hot and cold beverages.

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