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Rome Walking Tour | Ancient Rome and the Grand Tour

A visit to Italy is not complete without visiting the Eternal City of Rome. Enjoy this easy Rome Walking Tour and discover Rome’s rich history.

Travel to Rome | Walking Tour of Rome | Visit Rome Off the Beaten Path

Rome’s rich archeological, artistic and cultural heritage are so outstanding that the city’s historic center has been designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you have already been to Rome you have probably visited the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Vatican Museums. When in Rome what to see the Second time in the Eternal… Read More »

When in Rome | Enjoy a Drink with the Romans!

Rome is the Eternal City. Rome is eternal in the splendor of its ancient Rome landmarks and eternal is the pleasure of the Dolce Vita lifestyle. Eating in an open air trattoria, strolling around the baroque piazzas, sipping an alfresco aperitif watching the world go by. That’s La Dolce Vita! When in Rome where to… Read More »

Travel to Italy | Fashion Outlets and Slow Food Restaurants in Italy

Shopping in Italy is another great reason to travel to Italy. After a long day of shopping enjoy delicious food in a Italian Slow Food Restaurant.