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By | 23 September, 2010

Fresh Veggie at La Campana | Nancy Aiello Tours

“What’s your favorite Italian restaurant in Rome?” I am asked often by friends and guests looking for the ultimate food experience in Rome.
There are several restaurants in Rome that have been serving traditional Roman recipes for generations caring about their customers and seasonal ingredients rather than blindly following food critics and trends.
Most of these neighborhood restaurants in Rome have been run by the same families for the last 20, 30 or even 40 years thriving on very genuine good food, old-school waiters and great value. I love these family-run Roman restaurants because here I can really enjoy authentic Roman food and never left disappointed over the years as these traditional Roma restaurants maintain their standards high year after year. With the emphasis on freshness and seasonality combined with attentive waiters and great value that’s the list of my favorite traditional Italian restaurants in Rome suitable for the gourmet traveler looking for excellent Roman food and fine wines in Rome but also for families visiting Rome with children looking for a nice and relaxed family dinner in Rome.

Traditional Rome Restaurants | Warm Atmosphere at Nino in Via Borgognona, Rome
Girarrosto Toscano | € 40
| Prati
Settimio al Pellegrino | 117 Via Del Pellegrino | Tel 06 68801978 | € 30
| Campo dè Fiori Area
Il Caminetto dal 1959 | € 35
| Parioli
La Scala | € 40
| Parioli
Cesare dal 1965 | €30
| Prati
Nino | 11 Via Borgognona | Tel. 06 6795676 | € 35
| Spanish Steps
La Nuova Fiorentina | 51 Via Angelo Brofferio | Tel. 06 37516181 | € 30
| Prati
Da Roberto e Loretta…Quelli di via Gabi | € 25
| San Giovanni
La Villetta dal 1940 | €30
| Piramide
La Pollarola | € 30
| Campo dè Fiori Area
La Campana | €30
| Campo Marzio

Oxtail Roman Style | Nancy Aiello for Foodies

What’s your favorite restaurant in Rome? Please write us your comments and suggestions! Ciao from Rome:-)

Nancy Aiello
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