Dinner in Rome Will be the Highlight of Your Italy Vacation

Dinner in Rome Will be the Highlight of Your Italy Vacation

When planning a trip to Rome make sure to reserve your Vatican tickets online, to reserve your slot to visit the Borghese Museum located in the charming Borghese Gardens, and book a table at one of the top ten restaurants in Rome!

Rome top rated restaurants offer the most striking venues to enjoy excellent Italian food in a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

Rome, Italy is the best place to enjoy fine dining matched with great locations to make your dinner in Rome the highlight of your Italy trip. Rome is perhaps the most romantic city in Italy where to enjoy a candlelight dinner with your beloved one.

Based on Italian Food Guides about Rome restaurants 2010 and our personal taste this is ItalyTravelista guide to the best Rome restaurants in 2010. Please Note: I did not include hotel restaurants in this list except for Über Alles Chef Heinz Beck. A list of the best hotel restaurants in Rome will be published soon and we look forward to receive your tips about your fave slow food restaurants in Rome!

Glass Hostaria

Glass Hostaria is located in the heart of Trastevere and is one the best dining bets in this cheerful but touristic area. The setting is modern but elegant, the service is friendly and the Italian dishes are very well prepared by Chef Bowerman. There’s a tasty set menu at € 55 and an excellent list of Italian wines.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 80 | L’ Espresso Rating 15 | Price €65

Ristorante Alberto Ciarla

Seafood lovers discovered Alberto Ciarla’s restaurant long time ago. Using only top quality ingredients Mr. Ciarla delivers tasty and balanced seafood dishes. Guests can order a la carte or choose from 3 different set menus fairly priced between €48 and €68. Good selection of French wines and nice outdoor tables in the very pleasant Piazza San Cosimato in Trastevere.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 78 | L’ Espresso Rating 14,5 | Price €65

Agata e Romeo

One of the very top restaurants in Rome with an excellent reputation that has spread well beyond Rome limes. Romeo handles the tables and the wine cellar while Agata runs the kitchen with her talent to reinvent Roman traditional dishes. The atmosphere is welcoming, the tables are set beautifully and the dining room is especially elegant. Don’t miss the millefeullie dessert and take advantage of the superb and well presented wine list, one of the best wine cellars in Rome.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 79 | L’ Espresso Rating 16 | Price €125

Antico Arco

Antico Arco is a very popular and romantic restaurant located on top of the Janiculum Hill just a short walk from the amazing terrace overlooking Rome. The food quality has been consistent over the years and guests shouldn’t miss the so good Risotto al Castelmagno cheese, the Antico Arco signature dish. Foodies will love the wide cheese selection as well as the extensive wine list with a lot of French labels.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 80 | L’ Espresso Rating 13,5 | Price €70

L’Arcangelo | 59 Via G.G. Belli | Prati

Located in the snobbish Prati quarter L’Arcangelo offers very good food at very reasonable price. Ingredients are top quality and are the base for a menu that will please almost everyone ranging from traditional roman fares to seafood via creative dishes and daily specials. Here you can taste one of the best Pasta alla Amatriciana in Rome or the traditional offal. Wine selection is expanding fast and the service is attentive but relaxed. The design of the restaurant is quite simple and reminds of a Trattoria from the 1950’s.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 80 | L’ Espresso Rating 14,5 | Price €60

La Rosetta

Since 1966 La Rosetta is arguably the best seafood restaurant in Rome located in a narrow cobblestoned alley just off the Pantheon. A dinner at La Rosetta with all the trimmings can cost you €200 or more per person so why not taking advantage of the delicious lunch set menu to taste the best raw fish Rome has to offer in a very romantic Rome back alley. Booking is highly reccomended. Riccioli family also runs the nearby Riccioli Caffè serving around the clock delicious sushi-style seafood and oysters. http://www.ricciolicafe.com/

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 81 | L’ Espresso Rating 15,5 | Price €160

Romantic Lunch in a Roman Narrow alley just off the Pantheon | La Rosetta

Romantic Lunch in a Roman Narrow alley just off the Pantheon | La Rosetta

Il Convivio Troiani

After a dinner at Il Convivio you’ll realize the difference between a good place and a great restaurant. Il Convivio is one of the top restaurants in Rome where to enjoy an unforgettable Italian meal just off the Navona Square. There so much to tell about this restaurant like the home-made bread and breadsticks, the coffee list, the mineral water list, the wine list of course, the exceptional service, and that’s without mentioning the food. A good way to taste the many signature dishes is to order the set menu at €98 or if you want to go local order the Amatriciana and the roast suckling pig.

In 2009 Il Convivio Troiani received the Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator for its outstanding wine list considered one of the best in the world!

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 83 | L’ Espresso Rating 16 | Price €120

Open Colonna

Antonello Colonna used to run one of the best restaurants in the roman countryside town of Labico then in 2007 he decided to move on and conquer foodies in Rome. In just one year he succeeded in his venture of bringing the best Roman traditional food and ingredients back to Rome! Chef Colonna’s creations are never dull and he manages to combine Lazio best products to deliver outstanding Roman dishes with a creative twist. A meal here is an experience to reccomended. Open Colonna Restaurant is located on the top floor of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum on Via Nazionale and opens from 11 AM offering tasty lunch set menus at €15, pre-dinner aperitifs at €10, and an excellent brunch on weekend at €28.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 86 | L’ Espresso Rating 17 | Price €120

Il Pagliaccio

In just five years il Pagliaccio has made a name for itself as one of Rome’s top restaurants and credit must go to Anthony Genovese’ s cooking skills and creative dishes. The restaurant is very pleasant just a short walk from Campo dè Fiori and the service spotless. Very hard to point out a particular dish as menus change frequently however seafood is really tasty, try the lobster salad, as well as the sweets like the chocolate on rhubarb sauce. If you plan to have dinner at Il Pagliaccio make sure you book a table well in advance and allow at least 3 hours for your meal.

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 88 | L’ Espresso Rating 16,5 | Price €110

La Pergola

La Pergola is described as the best hotel restaurant in Italy but in my humble opinion is close to be the best restaurant in Italy thanks to Chef Heinz Beck. Location is breathtaking, service is outstanding, wine list is made of two tick books, and the food is just from another world. La Pergola is the epitome of fine dining and the perfect place for your splurge honeymoon meal in Rome or for any other special event in Rome where money is not an issue. Book well in advance, wear your smart jacket or evening gowns, take the lift to the top floor of the Rome Cavalieri and be prepared for a memorable Rome dining experience!

Gambero Rosso 2010 Rating 93 | L’ Espresso Rating 19 | Price $$$$$

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