Capri Grotta Azzurra

Capri Grotta Azzurra

Capri is a beautiful island near the cities of Naples, Sorrento, Pompeii, Positano, and Amalfi on the western Italian coast. Capri is tiny, 4 square rocky miles spread under the sun, in the middle of the sea, on the southern tip of the Bay of Naples, in the Mediterranean.

Why spend a weekend or more in Capri? Because of its undeniable beauty. It’s a quiet place where lemon trees grow in streets; where cars are as useless as umbrellas, and just as rare; where perspectives and views change every few yards and the sea is the deepest blue; where a still white mist redesigns the horizon every few moments and the air is filled with the scent of jasmine, citrus and pine.

Wherever you go on the Isle of Capri you will have amazing views of the sea. If you like to relax on the beach or go boating, you will love Capri, long a favorite of the wealthy and famous of the world. Since the island is fairly small, you really don’t have to get in a hurry to see the sights, and it’s a nice place to slow down and breathe in the fresh air, get some sun, or just enjoy the spectacular views.

Capri Italy travel essentials information for visiting Capri island one of Italy top tourist destinations

  • Sharing the island’s beauty with 60,000 day-trippers can be avoided if you book a room in spring or early autumn
  • Work up an appetite with a walk up via Krupp.
  • Ride the chair lift up Monte Solaro for postcard panoramas.
  • Shop for quality souvenirs in the lanes of Capri or the upper town, Anacapri.
  • Chill out on Capri’s famous Piazzetta, the place to see and be seen and enjoy the island’s most celebrated panorama over the Gulf of Naples, from Marina Grande to the mainland and Mount Vesuvius.
  • Sample a fresh Caprese salad, tomato, basil and mozzarella, followed by a visit to Buonocore on via Vittorio Emanuele for the best ice cream in Capri.
  • Rent a motor scooter to tour the island.
Capri The Faraglioni

Capri The Faraglioni


Rural Chic
Al Mulino
9 Via La Fabbrica
+39 081 838 2084

Orsa Maggiore
30 Via Tuoro
+39 081 8373351

Villa Krupp
12 Viale Matteotti
+39 081 837 0362

JK Capri
225 via Prov. Marina Grande
+ 39 081 838 4001


Fast breakfast
Bar Funicolare
Piazza A. Diaz
+ 39 081 837 0363

Leisurely breakfast
Bar Ferraro
223 via G. Orlandi, Anacapri
+ 39 081 837 0363

Café for people-watching
Al Piccolo Bar
1 Piazza Umberto
+ 39 081 837 0325

Lunch with friends
Da Tonino
12 via Dentecale
+ 39 081 837 6718

Deli to get picnic food
Sfizi di Pane
4 via le Botteghe
+ 39 081 837 4105

Lunch on the beach
Da Luigi
5 via Faraglioni
+ 39 081 837 0591

Pre-dinner drinks
Aurora Vino
8 via Longano
+39 081 837 4458

Dinner for two
Da Gelsomina
72 via Migliara, Anacapri
+ 39 081 837 1499

Dinner with friends
Il Cucciolo
52 via La Fabbrica, Anacapri
+ 39 081 837 1917

Dinner on the beach
Lido Del Faro
Località Punta Carena, Anacapri
+ 39 081 837 1798

Big dinner with friends
Pizzeria Aurora
18/22 via Fuorlovado
+ 39 081 837 0181

Drink after dinner
Bar at Hotel La Palma
39 via Vittorio Emanuele
+ 39 081 837 0133

Late drink
Quisi Bar
2 via Camerelle
+ 39 081 837 0788

Late bite
Pasticceria Alberto
9/11 via Roma
+ 39 081 837 0622

On the tiles
Taverna Anema e Core
39e via Sella Orta
+ 39 081 837 6461


Something you can’t get anywhere else
Perfume from Carthusia
2/B-C-D viale Matteotti
+ 39 081 837 0368

Lost luggage – where to buy shirts, socks and underwear
The shops in via Camerelle

La Perla Gioielli
21 Piazza Umberto I 21
+ 39 081 837 0641

Something for someone you love
Sandals by Antonio Riva
75 via G. Orlandi, Anacapri
+ 39 081 837 3583

Something for yourself
Linen shirts from 100% Capri
29 via Fuorlovado
+ 39 081 837 7008

Tour Capri

The Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) and sea caves
The island’s main attraction pulls the crowds but other sea caves are also worth visiting if you get the chance. Hire a wooden ‘gozzo’ boat and take a look. And don’t forget to duck or you’ll end up with a bump on the head.

Walking tours
There are many walks you can do but try Piazzetta Cerio to the Convent of St Teresa and on to the Punta Cannone viewpoint – with its fabulous views across the sea.

To reach the sandy beach of Bagni Di Tiberio, you have to board a motorboat which departs from Marina Grande. Passage costs about $5 or if you feel energetic you could walk the 30-minute walk north from Marina Grande, through the rocky landscape with flowering plants and vineyards.

Summer Concerts at Villa San Michele
Axel Munthe, who was a Swedish writer and doctor, built this spectacular villa. The villa is situated on the ruins of an ancient Roman Villa and houses the richest collections of ancient art and artifacts on the island of Capri. Villa San Michele is open every day of the year, and from June till the end of August you can enjoy concerts and beautiful sunsets every Friday evening.

Nearby sights
The hilly town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast and the island of Ischia.

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