This article is dedicated to all book lovers who travel to Rome!

Rome, the capital of Italy, besides the chance of offering spectacular monuments has got terrific bookshops.

If you’re an avid reader like me, Rome has a fairly good selection of international bookshops, but finding them could be a time-consuming activity. Therefore, I decided to take a pleasant stroll along the ancient and Baroque Rome streets and make a research for you!

My fascinating “research” started hanging downtown Rome around the “Tridente” area where I found quite a few interesting bookstores:

The Anglo-American Book located in Via della Vite, 102 near the enchanting Spanish Steps. This bookstore has an incredible selection of books, especially on topics like Art and History, and very friendly staff.

The Lion Book Shop is located on Via dei Greci, 33 close to Via del Corso. Established in 1947, it’s the oldest English-language bookstore in Rome and in the whole of Italy. A small café serving American cookies, cakes and bagels has been added to the store.

Al Ferro di Cavallo Via Ripetta, 67 close to Piazza del Popolo. Located opposite Rome’s Art Academy, this is considered Rome’s best bookshop when it comes to art, architecture and graphic design tomes, and it doubles as art gallery promoting the work of emerging artists.

The English Bookshop Via Ripetta, 248 a short walk from Piazza del Popolo. Specialized in non-fiction this bookshop has got a great children’s selection.
After a deserved yummy gelato I took a look at “Ricordi Media Store”, in via Del Corso.
Housed in a white 1930′ building, this huge store offers everything from CDs & DVDs to English videos and magazines, and you can also buy tickets for concerts and events held in Rome.

I kept walking around the Baroque Rome and I got into four amazing bookstores!

1. Amore e Psiche, Via Santa Caterina da Siena, 61, not far from Piazza Navona, is a beautifully designed store with a good range of poetry and art books.

2. From there I moved to the lively Campo dei Fiori area and, in Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 57, I popped in Odradek, an amazing bookshop focused on alternative books.

3. Feltrinelli at Largo Argentina, 5 has got a remarkable selection of books for you to choose from art to literature, history to philosophy, politics and comic books, videos and DVDs, magazines, maps and postcards.

4. While Mel Giannino Stoppani in Piazza dei SS Apostoli, 59A-65 is the Rome’s only children’s bookshop with over 20,000 books in stock.

I kept walking and reached the adjacent Esquilino neighborhood where, close to the enchanting Michelangelo’s Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli prevail the international bookshop Feltrinelli International a real Mecca for books, magazines and guidebooks in English, French and Spanish.

At the end of my pleasant stroll I came across two terrific bookshops in the ancient Roman neighborhood of Trastevere:

1. Bibli in Via dei Fienaroli, 28, perfect for book-junkies and
2. The Open Door Bookshop in Via della Lungaretta, 25 where they sell English books and news on all topics.

There’s only one more ….! There’s a bookstore in Trastevere selling second-hand English books unfortunately I can’t recall the name of the street! Please let me know if you remember that!

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Ciao from Rome:-)

Nancy Aiello

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