Enjoy Rome and its outdoor cafès

Enjoy Rome and its outdoor cafes

Caffè espresso is Italy national drink and Romans drink coffee throughout the day, and whenever people meet the first question is always: would you like a “buon caffè”? Rome has dozen outdoor cafes where to enjoy your espresso and watch people go by! Until few years ago espresso was the official “flavor” with decaf and ristretto as only available options but these days it is very common to go to a coffee shop and hear customers shouting: American Coffee, Irish coffee, Mexican coffee, Moroccan coffee with cream and chocolate, cold (freddo), with panna, shaken (shakerato), corretto with grappa or sambuca. Basically coffee variations are up to the customer’s imagination and the skills of the barista (bartender)!

If you travel to Rome and want to sip a delicious cup of caffè espresso (as the Romans called it) with locals, do try the most extravagant variations! Here is ItalyTravelista list of bars and cafès in Rome where to savor your Italian Espresso!

Antico Caffè Greco:

Much has remained unchanged since the Antico Caffè Greco first opened in 1760. Nowadays people come here for a relaxed breakfast or a delicious coffee in a very exclusive environment. Prices are not popular but reflect the Caffè Greco’s prestige and enviable location, only a few steps away from the Spanish Steps.

Caffe’ Ciampini:

Ciampini is located in the charming and peaceful Piazza in Lucina, one of the very few pedestrian area in the centre of Rome where you can relax and enjoy your espresso, or a tasty ice cream.

Enchanting piazza S.Lorenzo in Lucina home to Ciampini

Enchanting piazza S.Lorenzo in Lucina home to Ciampini

Caffè Sant’Eustachio:

In my opinion Sant’Eustachio serves the best Rome’s coffee and it’s very popular with locals and visitors alike. Such is its popularity that you have to be prepared to queue. Among the specialties the Grancaffè, a double espresso with cream, the granita coffee ice with whipped cream, and the Irish coffee.

Tazza d’Oro:

At a short walk from the Pantheon Tazza d’Oro is famous for its outstanding granita coffee ice with whipped cream, and the strong-taste espresso.

Sciascia dal 1922 | Via Fabio Massimo, 80a

Not a fashionable coffee shop but a very good coffee indeed. Coffee is imported directly from Africa and South America, then roasted and served on the spot, much to the delight of the many customers who appreciate the Sciascia family’s service and courtesy.

La Bottega del Caffè | Piazza Madonna dei Monti, 5

This bar prepares very good coffee in its enviable position, looking out onto the pretty little square of Madonna dei Monti. You’ll find the service here always courteous.

Bar del Cappuccino

Be prepared to queue because this bar is small and very popular. The coffee is good as well as the cappuccino served in a unique decorated version. Must try the special coffee with milk froth and cocoa powder.

Faggiani | Via G. Ferrari, 23

Faggiani serves one of the best coffee in Rome and the breakfast fare which includes croissant, fried bombe, and cakes is equally good. Prices here are slightly above average but after all, this is the snobbish Prati district.

Caffè Spinelli | Piazza del Viminale, 18

This welcoming little bar is located in Piazza del Viminale just opposite the Italian Ministry of Interior, and is a regular meeting place for businessmen and politicians. Coffee is excellent and the smiling service deserves a mention.

Linari | Via N.Zabaglia, 9

This lively bar, located in the popular Testaccio neighborhood, is always busy with locals sipping coffee and enjoying the delicious croissant and chocolate filled pastries

A couple of tips: pay for your coffee at the till and then take your receipt to the counter to be served and remember that Italians don’ t drink cappuccino after meals, as milk would slow your digestion.

For the latest news about the real Italian Espresso check the Italian Espresso National Institute website.

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Pantheon's fountain close to Tazza d'Oro coffee shop

Pantheon's fountain close to Tazza d'Oro coffee shop


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