Rome Travel Tips | Tour Rome Like a Local

Rome Travel Tips | Tour Rome Like a Local

Welcome to Rome! Discover the Eternal City of Rome and her ancient history, roam Rome narrow alleys and baroque squares, explore the artistic masterpieces and the architectural beauties hidden behind every corner, enjoy Rome traditional food and lively restaurants where the Romans eat!

Rome is a very safe place just make sure to follow these Nancy Aiello’s simple travel tips to enjoy touring Rome like a local and get the most out of your Roman holiday!

Rome to/from Airport | Fixed rate

Rome to/from Airport | Flat Rate

Taking a Cab in Rome

Check the rates by visiting the Official Rome Tourism Website

Need a cab? You will find taxi stands all over Rome or you can dial 060609 to book one. I personally enjoy a local taxi company called Cooperativa Samarcanda

  • When in Rome only use licensed vehicles that display the TAXI sign on the roof
  • Only use metered taxi. If the meter is off ask the taxi driver to switch it on before the ride
  • Official licensed Roman taxis are white with a taxi sign on the roof and the driver’s name and licensed number on the door
  • There is an extra charge for late-night taxi from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and additional fee for every piece of luggage larger than 35x25x50 Centimeters Euro 1,00/Each, the first is FREE

Traveling to/from Rome Fiumicino airport (FCO) and/or Ciampino Airport (CIA)

Take advantage of the flat rate! E.40 to/from Fiumicino & Rome within the Aurelian Walls

Take advantage of the flat rate! E.30 to/from Ciampino & Rome within the Aurelian Walls

Disagreement over the taxi bill? Report the taxi plate or the license number to the nearest Municipal Police or State Police or Carabinieri Station or call 060608 from 9am to 9pm or send an e-mail to

Tour Rome by Public Transportation

Buses in Rome:

ATAC Roma website is finally available in English and offers a lot of info on costs, itineraries, best way to get from point A to point B, and more! Key in your itinerary to learn distance and approx. length of the journey.

For more info & prices check also ItalyTravelista previous post: When in Rome | Getting Around by Bus

Rome Metro (subway & regional trains):

This is the site specifically for the Rome subway and regional trains showing maps and schedules. There is also a handy pdf file you can download and print that shows a map of the entire subway and light rail system in Rome.

The Metro in Rome runs Sunday to Friday from 5.30am to 11.30pm and Saturday from 5.30am to 12.30 am

Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours | Hope on Hop off in the Vatican

Rome Hop On Hop Off Tours | Hope on Hop off in the Vatican

Hop on Hop off Rome tours:

Links to the major tourist hop on hop off operators in Rome to check maps, costs, stops and terms.

Open 110 & Archeobus

Chistian Rome

Green Line Tours

Shopping in Rome

  • Any item in any shop’s window must indicate a legible written display of the price (all taxes included).
  • The price must be indicated on any item regardless it is a small Trevi Fountain souvenir or an expensive fur.
  • Always ask for a receipt of your purchases
  • Always check with the store assistant or the owner if the shop provides VAT refund for purchases made in Italy by EU non-resident subjects
  • Changed your mind? Make sure to keep the receipt and return it with the purchased item/s. Please Note: Additional Terms may apply for on-sale items

Eating in Rome | Check the price list first

Eating in Rome | Check the price list first

Eating in Rome

Need to get an idea on how much you’re going to spend eating out in Rome?

  • By law restaurants, bars, cafes, wine bars, deli shops, market stalls and so on are obliged to display the price list in euro and in certain circumstances the unit price (the price per kilogram) for all products
  • By law menus or food lists must include the price of each individual item, including the dishes of the day
  • Bread is free of charge, and there should be no cover charge
  • Always ask for a receipt and check that prices match those stated in the menu
  • Frozen food or dishes using frozen ingredients should always be clearly reported in the menu, usually with asterisks (*) or small stars
  • Italy offers very good wines that you can enjoy by the glass or by the bottle! Always ask for the wine list and check the prices in order to avoid unwelcome surprises
  • In the event of a disagreement over the bill call the Municipal Police (Vigili Urbani)
  • Remember that any guest in a restaurant is entitled to order just one course and he/she is no under any obligation to order a full meal

These short words of advice should enable any Rome visitor to enjoy Rome and get the most out of his/her Roman holiday, but would you have any further doubts about Rome please visit the nearest Rome Tourist Information Point or call 0606008

If you encounter any difficulty just contact the Municipal Police or even just a passerby as in Rome you will always find someone who is eager to help you!


  • Police: Dial 112
  • State Police: Dial 113
  • Fire & Rescue Service: Dial 115
  • Ambulance: Dial 118
  • Tourist Information: Dial 060608
  • ATAC Public Transport: Dial 0657 003
  • TAXI: Dial 060609

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Ciao from Rome:-)

Nancy Aiello

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Rome Municipal Police | Look for these 2 officers

Rome Municipal Police | Look for these 2 officers


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