When in Rome: Enjoy a Drink with the Romans!

Rome is the Eternal City. Rome is eternal in the splendor of its ancient Rome landmarks and eternal is the pleasure of the Dolce Vita lifestyle. Eating in an open air trattoria, strolling around the baroque piazzas, sipping an alfresco aperitif watching the world go by. That’s La Dolce Vita!

When in Rome where to stop for a well-deserved al fresco aperitif?
This short compendium of Rome time out is for all Dolce Vita lovers!

ReRè > 475 Via Flaminia
In the north area of Rome, near the romantic Ponte Milvio, also known as the Milvian Bridge of Love, ReRè opens at 6 p.m. with aperitifs and happy hours, when you can choose among well prepared cocktails and chilled wines served with finger food dishes. Later, it transforms into a classy, glam restaurant with decadent sofas and artistic wall papers, and great music. ReRè with its decor and quality made into the world best bars list!

Arco degli Aurunci > 42 Via degli Aurunci
One of most crowded places in the already very crowded San Lorenzo neighborhood is l’ Arco, which is at the same time a cafeteria, a wine bar, a restaurant, an art gallery, and more. The aperitif here starts at 7 p.m. and goes on ’till 9 p.m. Great buffet with a wide selection of appetizers, very good wine list, strong emphasis on bio and fresh products.

Rome's Minimal Chic Wine Bar

Absinthe > 39 Via Francesco Negri
A new and unusual addition to Rome’s nightlife, Absinthe proposes aperitifs and dinner as well as live music, every day starting at 6 p.m., like many other places do. But, differently from others, what’s peculiar here is the wide range of Absinthes, the “Maudits” poets’ favorite drink, served in different combinations. Wi-Fi Available.

Fuzzy Bar > 6 Via degli Aurunci
A cult place for the social-omnivore Rome’s beautiful people who come here for a well prepared aperitif in a laid-back atmosphere. Homemade beers, very good Old World wines, great appetizers served with a smile. Very good also for dinner focused on the Italy regional cuisines.

Primo > 46 Via del Pigneto
A little slice of Spain in the heart of the suggestive Pigneto neighborhood, Primo is the first restaurant in Rome born to repeat the Spanish traditions in food, habits, and style: a place warm, cheerful, and good. The counter is typically Spanish and chef Marco Gallotta, previously worked at designer restaurant ‘Gusto, delights his guests with tapas and pintos, recalling the Barcelona bars made famous by the writer Montalban and his famous character Pepe Carvalho.

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Remigio > 15 Via Santa Maria Ausiliatrice
The name of this wine bar derives from
the French Cathedral of Saint Remì in the Champagne region. Six different champagnes in the list every day to choose from as well as many good wine labels from Germany to France, excellent beers, a chalkboard of fine cocktails including the Wrong Negroni, and a yummy list of delicacies like sushi, salami, salads, cous cous, and more so.

Oppio Caffè
> 72 Via delle Terme di Tito
Why not having an aperitif on a terrace within sight the swarms of tourists walking along the Coliseum, while you relax with a long drink, a chilled glass of good wine or a Weiss beer (the latest trend in aperitif). The Oppio Caffè proposes DJ sets and live jazz performance, and romantic candle light dinners overlooking 2000 years of Roman history.

Open Colonna in Rome: A Very Chic Lounge

Open Colonna > 9A Scalinata di Via Milano
Open Colonna is the new lounge bar & restaurant of renowned chef Antonello Colonna. Set in the striking conservatory of Palazzo delle Esposizioni art gallery, this recently inaugurated place mixes great design, original cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere for a great aperitif served with delicious appetizers. It’s open all day but generally heats up around aperitif time and it’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner under the roman sky.

Quattro Bicchieri > 172 Via dei Quattro Venti
Monteverde Vecchio district has a new and successful proposal for a relaxing and tasty aperitif: hot peppers, aubergines eggplants in olive oil, green tomatoes with garden cress, grilled artichokes, and so on.  This place is where the word “whim” really makes sense. In addition a wide selection of cheese and cold cuts and super wines by the glass.

Wine Bars in Rome: Obika, Mozzarella Sushi Style

Obika > Two Locations Downtown in Rome.
Obika, loosely translated means “here it is” in the Neapolitan dialect, is what you get when you cross mozzarella with sushi bar style. Sit alfresco at the original site in Via dei Prefetti or at the new location in Campo dè Fiori and enjoy your glass of Falanghina while sampling different mozzarellas, paired with salmon, salami, prosciutto and green tomato marmalade. It’s delicious!

What is your favorite place in Rome for an alfresco aperitif? If you have one or more please add it to this post in the comment section.

“Please remember to always drink responsibly and never drink and drive.”

Ciao from Rome

Nancy Aiello

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