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By | 19 July, 2009
Gelato in Rome is Heavenly Goood!

Gelato in Rome is Heavenly Goood!

While walking the streets of Rome spoil yourself with a cono gelato and soak up the lively Roman atmosphere in one of the amazing piazzas.

For years guidebooks have indicated this gelateria or that one the best in Rome. Truth be told, they are all good and it’s hard to pick a winner! My suggestion: Try them all and then decide which one offers the best gelato experience in Rome!
Before your gelato crawl starts: Try not to become too attached to the taste…you may not find it as good anywhere else.

Old Bridge
These days you can skip the lines when visiting the nearby Vatican Museums but cannot skip the line at the Old Bridge! Favorite by visitors and locals alike for its location and its big portions: Two euros and you’ll get a huge cono loaded with whipping cream. My favorites are lemon and strawberry, very refreshing during the summer heat!

The Old Bridge | Business as Usual!

The Old Bridge | Business as Usual!

Gelateria Petrini | Piazza dell’Alberone 16A
A very famous address out the city center, but not far from the ancient Appian Way. Try the amazing semifreddos (gelato cake): Amaretto, Zabajone, and Ameringue but also the fresh sorbetto.

Cremeria Aurelia | Via Aurelia, 398C.
Another great gelato shop where you will find a very innovative approach to Gelato. Try the Red Gold Flavor, a mix of lemon, saffron and ricotta cheese or the Afghan Flavor, a blend of spices and rose petals! Not very far from the Vatican City, share a cab and experience a great gelateria still unknown to most locals!


Rome, Gelateria San Crispino: Did I Mention Only Cups?

Il Gelato di San Crispino
Many people call it the “Best Gelato in Rome”, and it’s definitely one of my favorite places although lately I felt it was a notch, or two, below its usual standards. Remember only cups here. Try the special flavor zabaione, the unmissable Meringue, and the San Crispino Honey Cream.

Giolitti Gelateria Rome

Giolitti Gelateria Rome

During her first Rome visit First Lady Michelle Obama had lunch on a terrace with a breathtaking view of ancient Rome, while her daughters made and then ate blackberry and banana gelato at the Italian capital’s most famous ice cream parlor: Giolitti! Needless to say: A must for first time visitors!

Gelateria dei Gracchi
| Via dei Gracchi, 272.
Gelateria Gracchi, located in the Prati quarter a short walk from Piazza del Popolo, has become a Mecca for Gelato lovers! Pistacchio, Strawberry, Stracciatella and Limoncello are my favorites but there’s a lot more to discover here!

Great place to sample amazing flavors all made with natural ingredients. Gelato here is made by artisans offering more than 120 flavors ranging from Punch Paradise to Cheese Cake to the most delicate Basil with Nuts and Honey! Fatamorgana is the ultimate Gelato extravaganza!

Il Mio Gelato Naturale
As suggested by the name here you’ll find only natural gelatos made with bio and fresh ingredients. Located in the Snob Balduina quarter this gelateria offers a truly new experience. Enjoy the rich Caffeine Jamaica Blue Mountains, the extraordinary Dark Chocolate or the Tosca no Black!

Rome: Gelateria Fiocco di Neve

Rome: Gelateria Fiocco di Neve

Fiocco di Neve | Via del Pantheon, 51.
Near San Crispino with the Pantheon Dome in sight this small gelateria offers all the usual flavors plus a really good choice of tasty creams like Chocolate and Hazelnut, Torroncino and Zuppa Inglese.

La Fonte della Salute
| Via Cardinal Marmaggi, 2.
This is one of the best gelateria in the Trastevere area. Let’s say you just finished your dinner at Panattoni pizza place and still have room for a tasty gelato… this is the right place to sample a hearty ice cream while enjoying this popular roman quarter.

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Ciao from Rome:-)

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Trevi Fountain was cool but my San Crispino ice cream is so gooood!

Trevi Fountain was cool but my San Crispino ice cream is so gooood!