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What Our Clients Say

Nancy Aiello Italy tour testimonial reviews can help you decide to book your trip to Italy. Check out verified reviews and recommendations from parents like you. Our Italy tour testimonial reviews can help you make the most of your vacation.
Elaine Chin

Elaine Chin

Business Owner

"Hello Nancy, My overall experience with Nancy Aiello Tours has been outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I have used you in the past and was not disappointed. The booking process was easy since I was able to email you the date of when I would like to do the tour and what I would like. You responded back to me immediately while other tour groups never even responded. The process went smoothly. I was able to pay via the internet and get a quick confirmation. In regards to our tour, we were met on time in the lobby of our hotel. It was raining horribly and my aunt being 94 was not able to do much walking so we had a driving tour. Our tour was tailored to the weather, the marathon going on and how easily we could drive to each sight. It was an excellent tour since we were able to see different sights than the usual ones on the tour since we had already seen those. The background information provided was exceptional.

My aunt has a hearing problem but has a handheld device that if you speak into it she can easily hear. This was used throughout the tour and she was delighted that she was able to hear the entire time of the tour. At the conclusion of our tour we were asked where we would like to have lunch. They brought us to an old converted monastery for lunch. Fabulous suggestions. Had some great local foods.
Overall......I wouldn't give the tour a 10 but an 11. Thank you for going above and beyond to make our tour special. We both greatly appreciate it. Thank you."

Bob Peeler

Bob Peeler


"Hi, we’re still in Venice, heading back today, and will give ful report on return, but just to say briefly, once again it was a super walk/tour. Really loved Martina and would definitely recommend and/or do it again with Martina. Probably one of the best tours we’ve had. Speak with you later, Best regards"

Lissa Hussian

Lissa Hussian


"I was delighted with every aspect of the experience. Our tour guide was knowledgable, friendly, professional, and I love that she focused on my daughter. I would DEFINITELY recommend!"


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